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I am a professional photographer specialising in wildlife, preferably African; the music industry  - the wilder, the

better! I also use my camera to document my travels,

document my experiences always looking, for original

'takes' to create artwork from the scenes before me.

My style reflects my own personal tastes, vision and personality

I do though give great acknowledgement and thanks to the many true top-class professionals I have been fortunate to work and travel with over the years. I take my craft seriously

and I'm a passionate advocate of constant learning

and drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources.

I'm certainly not beyond more formal learning going

back to the classroom for 4 years to build a

comprehensive knowledge of all photographic

genres and techniques including studio work

and the traditional darkroom, gaining

qualifications with distinction for many

diverse portfolios of images.


I primarily shoot Nikon, I'm somewhat

embarrassed by the number of lenses I've

accumulated but vow to rationalise one day. 

I carry a Leica Q2 monochrom reporter edition travelogue and process in Adobe Lightroom with occasional forays into Topaz.

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